After an 18 year absence, in 2018, I decided to re acquaint myself with music. I had my family send my piano that was gathering dust in their home. I decided to see what I could still do. I began to use music and performance as a way to free my mind, exploring other creative possibilities.

Just recently, I had a social media account where I shared close to 90 Visual TonePoems over a 2 year period. While I am no longer on social media, this page contains several samples, that were seen by close to a million people around the world. Some are bizarre. A few are sweet. A few are somber and a few are even are whimsical.

I am responsible for the illustration, animation, video and sound. I attended Berklee College Of Music with big dreams. That never worked out. I am playing all instruments. There are a few occasions, where acoustic bass, guitar and violin are hired players.

I experiment with a lot of ambient sound recording and video. Some of the footage I shot 15 years ago. The idea was to mix virtually every part of my craft, into one 59 second encapsulation. I even made a physical TonePoem player, as a stand alone video installation, with multiple LED screens, powered on a custom written Raspberry Pi script. In the end, it was just an experiment in communication, not allowing myself to be bound by medium.