Pictured above is from a photo shoot I did at my house, with my iPhone, a few days ago. It was for an updated self portrait for my materials and this very website. Why? Well …I guess that’s where the story is.

The truth.
The other day, I was asked a question, regarding how effective this content is at generating sales. Great question. I thought I would share with the rest of my readers some truths. Nothing I do here does one thing to actually “sell“ a painting. No buyer will stumble across these posts and think to themselves “WOW! What a great artist and dude …I’ve got a find a way to buy his work!” Ain’t ever gonna happen.

Why, then?
All the work, photos, posts, videos and background information I create and present here, is the base line for a professional artist. it’s absolutely expected and not exclusive to, or indicative of, any kind of exceptionalism. It’s what a professional artist has to do. What I do here is for publications, gallerists, curators, designers, architects, show creators and current owners.

For the professionals mentioned above, and not the curious on lookers or random strangers that stumble across this content, I need to show that I’m constantly growing and working on my craft. This content gives other industry professionals the information they need about including me in a show, representing or even handling my work. It’s intended to show how serious I take my craft and career. As for current owners, they are invested in me, my career and where I’m going with my art. They have spent money and time with me and find value in this content. In fact if I were to just disappear and stop creating, it would be disingenuous to their investment. They have, as one good friend and owner put it, a "social contract” with me. Their expectation is that I’m in this for the long haul.

Field of dreams.
I share this information, as some of my readers are artists as well. There’s one thing we all have in common: The misconception that “If you build it, they will come.“ well …They won’t. Don’t think that all you need is a few great paintings and a sweet website, social media account and everything’s good to go. From what I’ve seen you’re either an art darling on a meteoric rise and your path is set with very little effort other than output, or, like me, you got to grind your career out.

Final thought.
In the end, the self promotion and constant process/backstory posts and videos is draining, time consuming, reeks of vanity issues and takes away from creating actual art. Sure, you can change your mindset and make this part of the entire “art process” but if you have any self awareness, it’s a struggle.

However, it’s a struggle we have to do even though I question yet another vapid photo shoot of myself. No, it’s not lost on me, that this last photo shoot has me looking like the cover to a 1980s suit rock album. I’ll work on it for the next one. Cuz there is always a next one. Oh ...and that meteoric rising darling ...Nothing lasts forever.