New Sounds Of The Past #1

I am going to introduce a few select re mixes of the TonePoem Series. When I left social media, the @tonepoem account just sort of went away. As it turns out, several people enjoyed the content enough to write me over the last couple of years asking me where they went. Well, I can’t answer all that here, but what I can do, is re present the TonePoem collection to a new, albeit very small, audience.

Some of these were seen and heard by several hundred thousand people. Some were barely even noticed and a couple were down right terrible. Thats the point of experimentation: Letting go of ego and vanity for the sake of creative expansion. They are short on purpose and were tailored for the Instagram one minute video length. I also learned that’s about all the attention span most people haver for this material.

Given today is a rainy day in the city, I will start with the TonPoem Rain Bird. For anyone who didn’t get the post Field Notes , click here, and the audio sample that was given, this is kind of what I meant by using ambient sound as a sonic texture and instrument. I hope you find these interesting.