It is 10:56am on New Year's day. The above photo is the view from my studio desk. As it happens, I am already negotiating an offer on two BBN NFT's at and planning the next drops, including "unlocks" and, a major switch, in my way of doing business. Today's interactions, around the BBN offerings, do nothing but reinforce these moves. I also find it interesting to execute so much digital exchange, when looking at so much physical work. View from my desk aside, that's another story.

Broken Banknote, will sell exclusively in the NFT space. Digital, NFT BBN images, will be used as unlocks for acquiring physical paintings and other exclusive single edition only content. Not only will the NFT’s unlock art, they will also unlock experiences. Luxury trips, in person studio time, physical commissions, and other rarities, will allow Broken Banknote NFT’s to re define transactional value. Once again, this allows Broken Banknote to challenge the value of fiat currency and live by the very ethos it projects. for today.
The first 7 double minted editions are only available at Those are NFT’s that allow access to the BBN ethos, for a very approachable price and have the benefit of being extremely limited minted editions. Just 2 of each one. As those sell through, depending on market place experience, BBN will create more elaborate NFT unlock editions, at much more appropriate price point. Because does not allow for the contractual inclusion in the minted NFT for an unlock agreement, another marketplace, like an, or Rarible will be determined. I may even stay at, if when cn get the details worked out.

An unlock is a stepped reward, or value add for a purchase, in the NFT world. It is the where the real value is found, in the Non Fungible Token space. NFT collectors know, that low edition “mints” of art present great rarity, and often trade or sell, exponentially higher, than original acquisition price. To add additional value and rarity to the NFT, BBN will create an "unlock" in its next drop, and include, the original oil painting, the NFT is based on. In this scenario, not only do you get a potential revenue stream in the rarity of the NFT purchase, but you all get a physical work of art, hang ready, delivered to your door, anywhere in the world. If we were at the mall, it would be called a "gift with purchase". In the end, I don't care what you call it. I am here to add value to the BBN experience of acquisition and ownership.

Beyond the obvious, other unlocks may be quite elaborate. Full buyouts of nights clubs in LA, luxe driven private events in wine country, chartered sailing trips, Aspen retreats and Las Vegas suites are all ideas on tap for the second phase of drops.

The way it is.
I get it. Many of you are not in the crypto world. I was a doubter too. I looked at crypto in 2013. I played around with NFTs in 2017. I walked away both times. I regret those decisions. 2021 changed my mind. I just could not wait any longer. This is how BBN and Brian Drake Fine Art will do business for all future transactions. The TonePoems are the next big drop for the quarter. I am also working on a large format Photography experiment. Regardless of the medium I choose, all physical world transactions will be some form of "unlock" incentive from the NFT world.