I was recently asked at an event, the value of purchasing original art. I had lots of answers. For this, I decided to ask ChatGPT. Below is it's response.

Why buy art from emerging artists?

Purchasing original art from emerging artists can have many values, both tangible and intangible, ranging from financial gains to personal satisfaction. Here's a more detailed discussion on some of the key benefits:

Supporting Artists

Purchasing original art directly supports artists at the beginning of their careers, allowing them to continue creating and contributing to the cultural fabric of our society. It's a way to encourage new talents and give them the means to progress in their craft.

Investment Potential

Emerging artists often offer their work at affordable prices, especially in comparison to established artists. If the artist's career takes off, the value of their original artwork could increase over time, potentially providing a return on investment. Artwork isn't a conventional investment and can be riskier than traditional options, but its potential can make it an intriguing part of a diverse investment portfolio.

Unique Aesthetic

Original art often has a unique style and aesthetic that can't be found in mass-produced art. This uniqueness can make a space more personal and reflective of one's individual taste and personality.

Sense of Connection

Owning an original piece of art provides a direct connection to the artist. This connection can deepen one's understanding and appreciation of the art, and provide a story or narrative that's unique to that piece.

Cultural Contribution

By purchasing original art from emerging artists, you're supporting the arts industry and contributing to the cultivation of cultural heritage and diversity. You are enabling artists to express their views, provoke thought, and challenge societal norms, which is essential for the development of society.

Joy and Inspiration

Art can provide joy and inspiration, impacting the mood of a space and those within it. This emotional component can be deeply personal and powerful, offering value that extends beyond monetary considerations. Opportunity to Discover: By exploring the works of emerging artists, you have the chance to discover the next big name in the art world before anyone else. This thrill of discovery and the potential of "being the first" can be very exciting for many art buyers.

However, it's also important to note that purchasing original art should not be solely about potential financial gains or investing. It's key to remember that buying art is also about passion, personal connection, and appreciation for the artwork itself. It's often recommended to buy art that you love and would be happy to have in your collection, regardless of its potential increase in value.

Brian's Take

I feel like the CGPT model focused on “financials” too much. Look, if you want to make money on art, you better already have money and be purchasing late in career six and seven figure works. If not, stick to lottery tickets. My good friend J once said: “I buy 50% of your work based on you. Sure, they look great and fit my aesthetic, but it’s the connection to you that really sells me on the work.” In truth that is about as good as it can get. A buyer or buyers who believe and want to go on a journey with you. Thats it. Anything more on the sellers end or buyers end, is ephemera and can change based on a host of issues beyond anyones control.

The AI model could not conceive of patronage loyalty and emotional connections to the artist as a starting point, but the answer it provided is valuable none the less.