As of Friday, March 15th, UPS can conform that the panting above, Lady Bolivar is in fact, missing from the warehouse. It was in its shipping crate and weighed 46 pounds.

After being on loan from a client for a show at the Hopkins Center For The Arts in Minnesota, the painting was re-crated and put on a return shipment back to Los Angeles. It arrived in Vernon, then transferred to Olympic station and now has officially been declared unrecoverable. It was in a wooden crate and secured with security screws. It measures 53” tall, 34” wide and about 3” thick. It weighs 46 pounds. How the fuck does that just go missing? Watch the video in another post or on Instagram. Even the UPS guy struggles putting it on the truck. I find it hard to believe this was stolen in some “crime of opportunity”. You ‘aint running down the street with it. And who thinks it has enough value to risk it? And if it was a misdelivery …don’t be an ass. Just return it. I know you had to Google me and Broken Bank Note. The brand is all over the case, and I am all over the internet as well as IG.

Cash Reward
I can do a cash reward, if someone can provide "proof of life." Please email me here>>