New Sounds Of The Past #4

Brian Drake presents yet anther in the sort of kinda popular'ish TonePoem sereis from the past.

These have been seen and heard by several hundred thousand people and some only by several hunred people. As with all creation, some were barely even noticed and a couple were down right terrible. That's the point of experimentation: Letting go of ego and vanity for the sake of creative expansion. They are short on purpose and were tailored for the Instagram one minute video length. I also learned that’s about all the attention span most people have for this material.

Yes I play all instruments and all of these were recorded at my home studio in Los Angeles. What that means is, I made my living room a distaer of rack gear and mics, around my grand piano, to record these. I dont want anyone to think I got Sunset Sound over here. That should be obvious to those with "ears."