Pictred above, is the final from a recent Brian Drake artist build, with a sereis of construction images. I have made it no secret, that I work in several creative diciplines. Each one operates in a push/pull fashion, allowing me to further my creative vocabulary. If you aren't doing the same ...maybe you should.

When the creative is "blocked" and shit 'aint going right ... Do something else. Like for real. Do something different, and get good at it. I wrote a piece a couple of years ago about the benefit of doing something you suck at, if only to suck a little less. It's good for the ego. It humbles you. It also reinforces the idea, that no matter what, if you are creative, you can tell a story anywhere, with anything.

This is not meant for that casual reader, who sits in an office all day, dreaming of being creative, while getting those cover sheets to the TPS reports right. That's a different post. This is not meant for creatives who only thrive in extreme life events, fabricating overly dramatic situations as a source of inspiration, because they never learned a healthy way to channel emotion into output. Thats a different post too.

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while working."

Henri Matisse

WHo is this for?
This is meant for the creative, who works in one discipline. Day after day. Night after night, quietly perfecting every little nuance. Obsessing over every little intrinsic detail. I have noticed, this type of creator has manic like busts of creative output with long quiet periods in between. Thats totally cool. I do too.

However, while I may be quiet in creating a new painting, I am doing other creative endeavors. Creative is a muscle that will atrophy with out constant use. It must be used, worked and stretched. I also get, after serious life events, it is difficult to separate the emotion of the given moment, into actual workable output. Have you ever noticed that work can seem self centered, ego centric and frankly a roadmap of historical tragedy in your life? I have. Unfortunately, despite what some may say, that has no value to anyone but you. And that’s cool, if you don’t pay your mortgage with your work. One of the only TikTok's I did that had anyone ever gave a shit about during the pandemic, was about creating a body of work over a long period of time and not succumbing to the emotional rollercoasters of life. In 60 seconds I distilled the virtues of long format ideation, notes, sketches and the value of creating roadmaps, so even though life is kicking your ass, your not sitting in the corner painting dark circles and gray landscapes of despair, 'cuz you feel sad. No gives a fuck how you feel. Certainly, they are not goin gto spend money on how you feel vs how your work makes them feel. Read that Again.

Before I go on a tangent: Do something else. I started making furniture, to solve a problem and get more physical with my work. It's hard to keep feeling one way or another, when you have the physical weight and mechanics of working with heavy materials in a shop. You don’t have to be good. That part comes later. And if you really are "creative" you can tell a story in any medium.