As of today, my entire first edition "mints" are sold out on the platform. In fact, one user is already re listing them for more than the purchase price. Like I wrote before: These dont sell for thousands. In the above picture, on a cheap as shit monitor, you see a balance of $196 and some change. Thats my cut of a $200 NFT. I know. A bag of cash for one of my paintings would be cooler ... but also, bring a lot of hate. And yes, I have received a bag of cash for a painting. A small bag. But a bag it was.

How did I sell them? Through my IG feed for Broken Banknote. I know... I am back on IG. I hate it, but, whatever. NFT's are far more marketable than my paintings on social media. How can they re sell them? That's the thing with NFT's and the contracts. Users can re sell them on the platform for their price. I will always get 10% of any future sale. In perpetuity. It is a pretty intersting system and about as close as an artist can come to those lucrative days of licensing from the 1980's and 1990's.

Now what?
Big things. My next drop will be thousands of algorithm generated images around the piece, We 3 & The Ho Chi Me. Going forward, I will continue to "mint" single edition rare pieces on and I am expanding to both and for the big image drops. The luxury unlocks will come by QTR 3. If you did not guess, I will be devoting the rest of my efforts and the year 2022, to creation in the NFT arena.