brian drake los angeles portrait fall 2023


Like Paul Weller once sang, the long hot summer just passed me by. Did any of you find yourself on the island of Vis? Everyone in LA was in Mykonos… a few went to Mallorca. Regardless of where you were, I hope it was everything you wanted it to be. I spent the summer exploring. Coalescing new ideas, reworking past concepts and charting a production schedule for new work. I took a couple months off from writing, so I could actually have something to write about.

Yesterday, while standing in front of the above painting, looking more like a summer school teacher in an 80's movie, I was considering how fast everything has been moving. I’ve written how painting was my way of stopping time, but it’s been elusive. However this piece might actually be as close to that concept as I can get. It is deeply personal and most likely will never be finished… I consider it a work in progress for the rest of my life. And I like knowing that it will be with me until I’m no longer here.

What's New?

Looking forward, Instead of announcing plans and making grandiose predictions and this becoming a long-winded post, let me present what’s happening right now.


2 and 3 color Broken Banknote serigraphs on paper. Limited by number, hand pulled hand colored and signed, these offer an interesting look at the icons of the collection and an easier entry point for different collectors.


Broken Banknote has been mixing It’s iconic characters against the old TonePoem‘s for a new video installation series.


Broken Banknote is back on Instagram. I know…. But there are no pictures of me and it’s for the greater good… Maybe. And you can see some of the above mentioned new video clips.

In The Paint

The second series of large oil on panel, Broken Banknote paintings has begun. I’m deep in the first two right now.

The Film Wave

12 months of large and medium format photography is starting to pay off. I’m discovering a voice for telling stories in a different way, and it’s spilling over into my current medium. Maybe at the end of next summer, I will be writing about dark room prints from this effort. If so, this would be some of my most mercurial and yet personal work ever.


There are many more “plans“ but the above represents things that are happening right now, not a wish list. I’m preparing for the fall/winter gallery season, offering prints, paintings, and other items for shows. This year I will be touring to any show in the United States and doing speaking engagements when possible.

Even though it still is hot in LA, everyone has said “bye” to summer. Same for me. Oh, and for those geographically not inclined… The island Vis is in Croatia. :)