The Hustle Bear
Oil and obsolete currency on panel.

Pictured above is the newest member of the BBN family and number 6 of the 2024 series two efforts. Painted over obsolete and counterfeit Afghan currency of the 1970’s, and featuring a beloved icon, I take a lot of liberties and push some buttons.

Depending on where you are in the world, you will recognize this Icon as a famous Olympic mascot, or you may think it’s just a cute bear. Well's anything but. However, I want the viewer to bring their own narrative, thoughts and curiosity. I am trying to be less didactic and less “on the nose” with the series two efforts. Ask questions. Look for answers. Bring your own story to the painting. Make it yours.

What Questions?
Here are a few examples to lead you down a path: Why Afghan currency? Why that particular time period. Who’s mascot is it? Does this tie back to the series one effort, Boy And Bear? When and where can I buy it? (Thats a great question) Regardless of the questions and inevitable answers, make it you own. Below are links to progress/creation videos on the BBN IG channel.

Main Reveal
Watch Here
Inner Ear
Watch Here
Yellow & Blue
Watch Here
Pink Bottom
Watch Here