I know. It has been 47 days and a few hours. Like I wrote, new work was coming, and today here is the first preview of this new work. Is it done …as in "done done?” Maybe. I am known to make changes, but in general's done. For now.

The New Way Back
While this is most certainly a Broken Bank Note painting, this piece has a much looser interpretation than past works. This is an interesting piece to examine, as it is an overpaint of the failed first series BBN effort, Mavrodi Redux. I have written quite a bit about the former painting, including a posting of the AI assessment of its failures. Here, I show how I took those notes and turned the entire piece on its head. And yeah's better for it.

If interested, below are the links form past stories about the former painting. You can read how I got it wrong. Twice.

2021: A Too Soon Sense Of Smugness
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Iteration #2: 35 Days Later
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AI interpretation Of What Went Wrong
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New Explanations
Moving forward with the second round of BBN paintings, they have become less didactic and I have abandoned “faithful” renderings of the overpainted currency. Don’t misunderstand: I still use currency elements, but with a broader approach and looser interpretation. I combine, manipulate, exaggerate and re shape those graphic elements, making for a more compelling visual and story. In this painting, The Counterfeiter, I asked different questions, and got better answers. I was able to move away from the constricted nature of the Mavrodi/MMM Billet elements and create a more compelling narrative, with out the heavy use of silhoutte, blind fold and mark making of the past efforts. I have added more whimsy and mystery, creating a broader appeal and much more favorable color palette.

What Now?
This piece is still in the “drying” or oxidizing phase. Oil paint takes a while. It hangs in storage and is available for private viewing. Sometime in the coming weeks, I will set up a 4x5 photoshoot to document on film for archival purposes. Eventually I will set it up to tour, and hopefully find new representation. As of now, It is currently not for sale. And yes, I am still seeking the right gallery representation. But thats a different story. For now, enjoy the first of 6 new series 2 Brian Drake/Broken Banknote paintings, The Counterfeiter. Again ...this is done, but just maybe, not "done done."