Above is a piece I created more than 10 years ago and it is still relevant today. (I did have help from a former girlfriend at the time, but thats another story)

Holiday binge.
For years, when I was on social media, I would post this image on Black Friday. For my non US based readers, that is the feckless day in America, where greed and consumption conspire to make us a better people, through the purchase of goods and services at a discount rate. 'Cuz all great things come at a cut rate, and in the form of an 'all you can eat' shopping experience ...right?

When I had thousands of followers, it was met with many comments. Most were positive and of course a few negative, but the interaction was fun, regardless of where you stood on the idea. Over the years, as my followers dwindled and a new generation of people took to social media, they were not so intersted in having their belief system challenged. So many people of privilege on social media felt that their mass consumerism was a right that they, or at least they through their parents money, had earned. Challenging that very notion, was met with much rebuke and disdain. To be clear, the piece is meant to make you think. Nothing more. You bring your own interpretation to it.

It is still here.
While I am not on social media and have not posted this publicly in a few years, I thought I would relive the old trope once more. It is a great challenge. To me and to the viewer. For the record, the piece has never been offered for sale and currently sits next to me, leaning against the wall. It is still here and its message is still relevant today. If it upsets you, it probably should.

oil over acrylic & newsprint on panel