In 2022, the Broken Banknote paintings will be officially for sale. These paintings will be offered via crypto currency only. Etherium (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) will be the preferred currencies and accommodations can be made for others. Flat prices will be set against the average USD sales of my past work. In some circumstances, marquee pieces will exist in a bid only format.

The Broken Banknote paintings are a complete indictment of fiat money. The best way to continue this indictment, is to live by it. To "live by it" simply means forgoing the exchange of paper based currency, issued by sovereign nations, in return for the acquisition of product. If Broken Banknote truly questions the “big lie” of fiat currency, then the BBN series should be willing to stake its values against this belief. In the end, it brings the concept full circle, and once again, the public is asked to question the concept of "money'.