It is 7:14am on Christmaas Eve and I have been up with the rain, putting final touches on the first few Broken Banknote releases.

Earlier in December, I was asked to join the platform for the Broken Banknote series. I have been looking for the right NFT experience and this looks to be a good fit. They are executing a huge media blitz, have a dedicated audience, burgeoning art only NFT platform and a big LA presence, with the branding of the new arena. Sure, there is openseas and Rarible, wich are essentially pay to play, but this felt a little bigger. Of course I would like SuperRare to curate me, but they are busy fucking around with celebrity artists. My name barely gets me drinks and valet. It don't get me red carpet anything. This is a good start. And it has value for current and future collectors.

At the end of the day, I need to expand my audience, diversify my buyers and make the BBN experience more accessible. I have been spending months researching and dissecting my buyers and my audience. I have a hole in my audience that has been difficult to fill and without writing 20 paragraphs on audience study, know that this is an attempt to reach that new audience. The current offering is limited to just 2 edition "mints" of each image and has approachable pricing. Like a few hundred bucks ...not thousands. You dont just get a digital image of the current paintings, you get entirely new, NFT expressions, based on the currency and characters from the physical works of art. This lets owners and buyers of the physical paintings still maintain their rarity, knowing that the only version of their painting is the one in front of them. No digital version of that will ever exist. No NFT of those will ever exist. Also, the same is true for the NFT works of art. Those will never be painted and will only exist on the blockchain. This model gives rarity to the blockchain verified art and allows future trading between buyers.

This collection will grow and depending on response in the market, will dicate my efforts for 2022. In the mean time, check out the collection and get to know a little more about crypto.