Created by Brian Drake in Los Angeles, above is the final piece, Mavrodi Redux. It took a minute.

Sunday Funday.
I started the final steps on this around 2:45 am today. Quietly putting final touches and embellishments on a piece that was too tight and constricted. It just missed the mark. So it sat, waiting for the answer to come.

The Answer?
Well ...there could be many. In the end, I created in exacting detail currency elements of the billet, only to come back and over paint those elements. Layer, by layer, I attempt to create a visual link to the disarray and confusion around illegally printed money and what the idea behind a "new currency", really means. There is a lot more to this story, and I may do a video, diving deep into the intricacies and details behind the currency of the MMM Billet, the scam and the applications of this "new money" concept today. I mean, he just started printing money with his face on it, called this money "certificates" and traded them at a premium for Rubles. I wonder what could go wrong? I also wonder what this sounds like today...

For now, enjoy the newly minted counterfeit dream, Mavrodi Redux.