3000 DONGS

Above is the screenshot of the 3k unit Brian Drake Los Angeles/Broken Banknote drop "Just Say Ho:Random Dong". Double entendre aside, the Dong is monetary unit of measure in Vietnamese currency.

Wait ...what?
I know. 3k images. In the end, I created 150 layers, and 12 groups, and worked with an art management program on Github, using Node.js. I did do some json and python work, but thats just showing off. This script and formula, allowed me to generate thousands of unique permutations, using a weighting system, creating rarity and limiting asset repetition. In reality, if my permutation calculation math was correct, I could have just over 1.5MM versions. Either way, 3k was more than enough to provide collector opportunities and deliver the BBN ethos to the NFT audience. Know this: Every one of the 3000 images is 100% unique and has its own DNA/identification number baked into the file. Every one will be its own NFT and live on the blockchain.

I don't get it.
Well, you may not. There can be a steep learning curve to parts of this world. In the end, as a creator, it's about opportunity, audience and experiment. The speed at which I can create, distribute and coalesce feedback, is wonderful as a creator. It reminds me of being a musician and the immediacy of live perfomance. The solitude and long term commitment to an idea, when creating an oil painting, can be debilitating. And only a select few, will pay for that effort.

Who does get it?
I hinted in a previous post, about the months of audience study I have been doing. In short, I have a hole in my collector profile. The middle 30's, six figure earning Millennial and late 20's new professional, GenZ are missing from my core audience. This group does not lean into their upward mobility and success, in traditional ways. Luxury goods, obvious signs of affluence and the accumulation of objects is almost shunned. It's almost an anti establishment rejection affluence. IF but barely. Paradoxically, in doing so, they are just re-defining affluence. This group does spend their money. But differently. Almost anti luxury, but at luxury price points. While the price of my bigger pieces might play a role, it's more about attitude, commitment to acquisition and the perception that comes with commitment.

In another post I can delve into this side of art marketing, but for now, without giving a lesson in demographics of potential buyer groups, know that the biggest core audience in the NFT market, is exactly what I just described above.

Where are these?
That is a great question. The first drop was planned for the opensea.io platform. BBN is already there, and I am just working out the fees and display issues. I am working in NFTPort api, but may not be able to get the broad upload capacity I need. HOWEVER: I was just approached by another dealer to represent the collection in a different venue of NFT's. Like everthing else in the NFT world ...shit changes fast. I will post the final drop site soon.

For the record, if I do stay with the opensea.io route, they will be on the Polygon side chain to Etherium. I know being on Polygon presents some difficulty in transfer of ETH, but it really is a better proof-of-stake network. Gas fees on ETH would make this a cost prohibitive effort and I might a well be selling my $20k paintings at that point. That defeats the entire purpose. I know I might have lost a few of you on terms, like gas fees, polygon and ETH. Stick around. I will get to all of that in the future.