• We Need Mystery

    Where Is The Work?

    I am in the process of creating. This takes time, patience and above all, it needs mystery. "Cataloging" my work, especially work not yet shown in public, does little for the final piece and does nothing for the actual experience with the art. However, In the menus above you can see some past mixed media examples, as well as 3 videos. One from 2011, documents a difficult three panel series based on vintage Playboy issues. Another is from a private commission, and "What Have We Become", is a glimpse into the direction and theme of the latest work that is currently in production.

  • Progress

    Working In The Studio

    A glimpse of two pieces, currently in progress, inside the Los Angeles art studio with Brian Drake.

  • Paint The Halls

    Christmas Eve

    With two large paintings in progress, Brian Drake works through the holiday madness finding respite in the act of creation. Here are a few stills from one of the cameras in the studio, shot late in the afternoon on December 24th, 2013.


    The Early Hours

    The sun rises on another day and another late night of painting comes to an end. The juxtaposition of light, time and architecture, provide an endless sense of wonder and inspiration.

  • All That Glitters

    After Hours

    From his home and studio in the heart of Los Angeles, Brian can see both downtown as well as Century city, offering a nice juxtaposition in physical space, as well as providing interesting insights during reflective late night painting sessions. Watch Brian give a 2:22 ramble during one of his all night sessions on a brand new new piece, ala' Bob Ross.


    At Home In Los Angeles

    A candid interview in two parts. If you thought 2012's effort to change and the subsequent downward spiral was the end of the story... you were not alone. However, today, it is something all together different.


    Closing A Chapter

    After three years in 4000sqf of raw space, Brian Drake closed his studio, saying goodbye to the past, but not first without creating a new piece, in a new direction, laying the ground work for his evolution. Shortly, we will post the second part of the Brian Drake LA interview, where he speaks to the new space and puts away the past.